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Description: Are you new to yoga? Have you always wanted to try it but have been too discouraged? That was me a few years ago. But I can promise you there is a such thing as basic yoga for beginners, you can always learn how to do advanced yoga when you’re comfortable. As for now, we’ll stick with the easy, at-home yoga for beginners!

The great thing about yoga is that it has so many stages.  There’s easy yoga for beginners and even gentle yoga poses, if you don’t to work up a sweat. Today, I will share 15 super easy beginner yoga poses with you, let’s  dive in!

1) Mountain pose 

2)Forward Fold 

3) Child Pose

4) Up Dog Pose  

5) Warrior 1 Pose

6) Warrior 2 Pose

7) Cow Pose

8) Leg lift

9) Low lunch


10) Airplane 

11) Tree Pose

12) Baby Pose

 13) Downward Facing Dog

14) Eagle pose 

15) Half Moon Pose

Hope you i’ll enjoy the yoga poses that we share today. Please feel free to comments, share, or even sign up for a newsletter, if you truly enjoyed today’s article. Until next week guys!
As always: Stay you. Stay true. Stay beautiful.♥

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