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I think it was a year ago I had some type of epiphany. I sat down and really contemplated how generations of people before me lived their lives.  I’m talking Little House on the Prarie times, before cellphones and the internet; all of that.  I realized that even though technology has transformed our lives in so many ways, good and bad, the fact remained that socialism barely has changed.  What I mean by that is, people back in the early 1900’s experienced betrayal, heartbreak, mother and daughter rivalry, gossip, and every other kind of drama you can think of today.

Of course, we are all unique but do you realize that billions of people’s stories and experiences get recycled with each new generation?  I think its really important to reflect and learn not only from our own mistakes but, that of others.  I think it helps with feeling less alone.  Believe me, whatever you are going through now, someone has already been through it or has even had it worse and they survived.

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We don’t have to travel the world to hear others’ stories.  You can start by reflecting on your own life.  Start conversations with your families and loved ones.  Listen to the stories of your older siblings, parents,  and grandparents.  Ask them about their lows, how they were able to get out of it.  Ask about their highs and what led them there; listen and learn.  You have more resources around you than you know.

On this platform, I will not pretend that I have a PhD. in psychology or claim that my experiences in life has made me wiser.  But, I will be honest and raw with sharing achievements, failures, and current struggles of my own life.  I will also share the stories of people I find inspiring and have helped me through hard times.  So, don’t worry, I won’t bore you with endless stories about myself.

By the way, I encourage us to love our authentic selves and a gigantic part of my authentic self is Islam.  Yes, I’m a Muslim and will be using some Islamic terminology in my post, but I want this platform to be for everyone.  Converse with one another, be respectful, but feel free to share your own stories.  Here, there is nothing but support, love, and family.

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I hope you stick around for the many more conversations to come.  New blogs every week!

Stay true.  Stay you.  Stay beautiful.♥

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