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Like food water, and air, love is a basic need for our survival.  Love is what separates us from beasts.  Compassion for each other is such an important aspect of life, but so is compassion for ourselves. This act is called self-love.

Sometimes we need to take it back to the basics.  

Are you loving yourself?
Are you vaulting yourself?
Are you going after what you want?

If you’re not too sure how to answer these questions, let us take a brief moment to remind ourselves exactly what self-love is.

Let us start by reading the poem down below.

She Loves

Cautious is she with her words
for she knows they are meaningful.

Precise is she of what she consumes
for she desires to remain healthy.

Specific is she with her company
for she knows she is deserving of true love.

Gentle is she with herself,
for she knows she understands she is human with “flaws.”

Stubborn she may seem,
but she is just determined to achieve her dreams. 

She Thrives. 

She Flourishes. 

For this is the result of SELF-LOVE.

Benefits of loving yourself

  1. When you love/value yourself, people will love/value you more.  
  2. When you are a beam of light, you will attract opportunities and new people into your life.  
  3. You’ll feel free.  
  4. You’ll be happy.
  5. When you’re happier, you’re healthier; mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  6. You’ll have the ability to be your best self and achieve your dreams


How to love yourself.

Let us go over the poem above to get a better grasp on this topic.

“Cautious is she with her words, for she knows they are meaningful.”

This line here is meant for relationships, work-life, and anywhere we may feel shy to speak up in, especially us women.   Speaking up for yourself is a great way to show yourself, love.  Your words, just like each and every one of us, matter, and are meant to be heard. 

“Gentle she is not only with others but, with herself. For she understands she is human and makes mistakes.”

Learning to forgive yourself for past mistakes is really important.  Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in the past and not able to move forward, simply because we can’t forgive our past actions.

“Precise is she, of what she consumes, for she desires to remain healthy.”

Taking care of your physic and not letting yourself go is another way to show yourself.  It’s not always about how you like, because its important to be patient and love yourself in all forms.  It’s also not about what others say about you.  It’s about how you feel about yourself. 

“Stubborn she may seem, but in reality, she will not give up on her dreams.”

Knowing that your life is valuable enough to have dreams and go after them, is an act of self-love. No matter how wild your dreams may seem, or the lack of support you receive from loved ones, it shouldn’t stop you from going out from what you want

“Specific is she with her company, for she knows she is deserving of their true love.”

Letting go and preventing toxic people in your life is major for your growth, mental health, and self-love habits.  

 I hope this post made your day a little brighter and that you’ll be around for next week’s post.

As always: Stay You. Stay True. Stay Beautiful.

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