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I have to be honest, I have yet to process 2020.  

It has been the most unusual, hardest, and shocking year of my life. 

Before the pandemic, I found myself starting over.

Then the pandemic hit and I found myself frozen and unsure of my next move, as did many of us. 

That being said, I’ve made it a habit to constantly re-evaluate myself.

I ask myself questions that are challenging, forcing me to rethink everything; making sure the steps I’m taking to where are I want to go are working.  If not, what needs to change?

With research and my own experience, I’ve gathered these tips that will help you restart your life today!

Let’s talk about it. 🙂

Figure out what Matters!

Spend time focusing on what is most important to you in life and what’s not.  What do you want to forever last and what things do you not have an attachment to.  When you imagine yourself in 5,10, or 20 years where would you like to be, how will you get there? 

This gives you more purpose and motivation to achieve what you want out of life.  If you’re only doing things to survive, there won’t be any passion in that, and it won’t suffice you down the road. 

Focus on your Health! 

Focus. Focus. Focus.  You only have one body.  When that runs out, who else will take care of you other than you?

I consider mental and physical health to be one in the same. In order to be your best self, and give all that you can your body and mind need to be healthy enough to handle those challenges.  

When it comes to mental health, consider spacing out little moments of the day where you can unwind.  It can be as simple as reading a book, a lap around the park, a bubble bath, yoga, a phone call to a loved one, baking a  cake; so on and so forth.  

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Consider connecting with a therapist that you believe will be a good match for you.   

I know it can be scary but, good things come with effort and time.  

Learning from your mistakes, noticing negative patterns/habits, and understanding the impact others may have on you, can greatly benefit your development in life.  

Therapy can help you identify it all.

Growing never ceases, no matter our age.  

In terms of physical health, find ways to be more active.  

In whatever way works for you.

It’s important to keep in mind that getting that “perfect” body should not be your only goal, though having one is a plus.  Rather, to FEEL good, live longer, and be more productive should be the ultimate goal.  

So not only being active is an important part of physical health so is what we consume.  

Ditch the junk food and sugary foods.  

Find healthy yummy alternatives; don’t restrict yourself, but make it fun. 

Reevaluate your Friends

Remove/block/delete/leave unread as many people that you need to bring you peace of mind.  

Re-evaluate who is in your life and the impacts they have on you and your decisions.   

I don’t encourage just blocking anyone who pisses you off. However, oversharing or always being available to people who cause you stress does you no good.

The majority of the time, moving in silence is your best option.  

Not everyone who you consider friends will be happy with your success or want you to move up the ladder in life before they can.

Live More Intentionally

I talked about this in a previous post. How I set realistic goals for myself last year.

Sit down and think about where you would like to be 10,20,50 years from now.  

What kind of career do you see yourself doing for the rest of your life?  What you desire your financial income to be?  What you’re hoping to buy with that money.

All of that.

Then figure out what steps you need to take to get to that point.

Do you need a degree to get where you’d like to go?  

How much would it be to get enrolled?

How many shifts do you have to work in order to pay for those classes?

See where I’m going with this?

Always remember;

A dream without a plan is just a wish.  

Break it down, write it down, and do that thing!


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Self -love is many things, including everything above that was mentioned.

It’s knowing you deserve good and happiness.

It also means you don’t have to feel guilty saying no to a person or situation.

It’s when you have a long day and know that you deserve a break.

It’s about knowing you don’t have to settle for anything; a relationship, career, finances! 

You deserve it all.

Don’t let other people talk you out of your dreams just because they’re afraid to take the leap.  Their fears are not your own.

There are always a million reasons not to do the things you love.


Choose Happy

This hit me hard last year when I found myself constantly on-the-go. This is sometimes a great thing because you have to work hard to get to the things that you want in life.

But, I had such a tunnel vision, I ended up ignoring the world around me.

I was on “grind” mode 100% of the time and I had no social life, I barely slept, I was not taking care of my health.

I had made up my mind to be on the go until I achieved what I wanted.

When I finally accepted that I didn’t have to wait to have the perfect career, the perfect husband, the perfect bank account statement; that I can choose to be happy no matter where I am in life, that’s when I started living! 

I was able to be more passionate about the things that I did in life.

I realized that everyone has issues that they’re working through. But our mindset while working through life are really just the two options.

One, you can choose to be happy while you’re working towards your goals.  Two, you can choose to be miserable and while trying to work your way through life most likely not reach the goals that you want. 

I choose happy, what about you?


Build Your Finances Up

Consider living below your means for a few years.

This means, instead of living paycheck to paycheck settle in a place that is well below your pay grade.

Perhaps sacrifice a bit of space and rent out a studio, instead of a one-bedroom?  Maybe sacrifice going out every weekend, you know, figure what works for you.

Create a budget that is very tight, only spend money on necessities. 

And most importantly, when you do have the opportunity, invest. My friend, we have reached the end.  


Do you see yourself incorporating any of these tips, are you already doing any of them? Let me know!  Make sure to share if you found this article helpful!  As always: Stay you. Stay True.  Stay Beautiful.  ♥

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