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Description: Learning how to wake up early in the morning or how to become a morning person can take some time for us night owls to learn. I understand the struggle as I used to be in a night owl as well. That is, until I came up with these how to wake up early in the morning tips. Today I would love to share these tips with you. These tips include; how to wake up early for school, how to wake up early in the morning tips, how to wake up early to work out, pretty much any reason that you need to get up early in the morning this is dedicated to you.

Today we will be discussing:

How to become a Morning person

I love the early mornings. It’s the time in the day that is most still to me. I can rise with the sun, and which gives me a calm like no other.  The stillness that exhumes the air allows me to gather my thoughts, preparing me for my day.  The Queenasia that wakes up at 10 am is far more different from the Queenasia that wakes up at 6 or 7 am.  Though I might seem rested at 10 am, I’m a lot more frazzled and unprepared throughout my day.  I feel like I missed out on a chance to a head start.  Over the years, I’ve just accepted that in the long run, getting up early allows me to be more productive.  And if you know me, this new journey is all about being productive.  

So today, I will walk through with you, habits I’ve picked up that have allowed me to be the morning person I am today.

Let’s go.

1) Sleep early

The first thing you want to do to become a morning person; sleep early.  When I say early, I’m talking at max 9 o’clock.  (Of course, if you offer night prayers, as I do in my Islamic faith, just sleep after your latest prayer) That’s right, you’ll have to give up that night life in exchange for a much more productive positive filled day.  I’d say that trade off is fair enough.  Now, most of us haven’t been to bed that early since middle school. So, how as adults can we get back into the habit of going to bed early?  Below are a few tips:

    • Try to put away the electronics two hours before bed.  This means no screens (t.v or phone) before bedtime. 
    • Meditation is a great way to quiet your mind and prepare you for sleep. There are 100’s of guided meditation videos on YouTube, if you ever wanted to check that out.  Related: Guided Meditation for Beginners   

2) Have something to look forward to 

If you have nothing to look forward to, of course you wouldn’t feel like getting out of the bed.  Try to find the silver lining in your day, one thing you look forward to and remember that when you go to sleep.  You can also create a moment that you can look forward to.  An example of that would be making a morning routine which allows you to pamper yourself.  Some things to add into your morning routine include, morning runs, yoga, hearty breakfasts’, meditation,  journaling, sketching, etc. 

3) Gradually get comfortable 

It wouldn’t be fair to you to instantly pressure yourself to wake up at 5 or 6 am.  Gradually build up to what is comfortable with you. When you first start this journey, maybe you start by getting up at 7 am, then 6:30 am, until you’re comfortable to wake up at the designated time you wish. 

4) Open the blinds 

Keep your blinds open in the night.  This will allow the morning light to wake you, depending on the season of course.  If it’s winter, you might as well keep those blind shut girl, the sun won’t be up for hours. 

5) Put your phone far from you 

As we mentioned before, you shouldn’t be scrolling through your phone right before bed, so this tip shouldn’t be a problem for you.  By putting your phone far from you, this allows you to physically get up to turn your alarm clock off in the morning.  When having your phone right by your head, it can be easy to roll over and just press snooze.  When your phone is out of reach, allowing you to get up, you’ll be less likely to press that snooze button girl.

This wraps up our list for today. I hope you enjoy today’s post, if you have anything else to add or if you found this useful please let me know in the comments down below. I hope to see you all soon as I post every week. If you do enjoy today’s read make sure you subscribe to keep up with these weekly post.

As always: Stay you. Stay true. Stay beautiful.

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