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We are all beautiful.  I’m serious.  The fact that we all have our differences in skin color, eye color, hair texture, voice, personality, goals, dreams, you name it, is what makes us so amazingly unique and beautiful. (Sorry twins, lol) But honestly, there isn’t another you that exists anywhere on this earth.  Think about that.  You will always and forever be your one and only beautiful self for as long as you live. 

With that being said, every now and then we may get bored of our style.  We may want to “freshen up” our appearance and want to appear more “put together” than we already are.  This, this is what we will be talking about today.  How to look your best, or- how to be even more attractive than you already are!

See the list down below to read about all the beauty tips I’ve provided just for you.

I’ve divided this list into physical and personality traits, because I do believe that all the makeup in the world will never cover up a nasty attitude.


Personality traits and Habits

1) Have confidence; girl like I said, you’re in this body of yours for the long run.  Embrace and be happy with everything about you.  Confidence is beautiful and definitely shows.

2) Intelligence: stay in school kids, being uneducated is not a good look, nor is it cool.  A person who knows their stuff, whether that be they are hardworking at their job, or in school, that attracts.

3) Listen to others: no one likes a self absorbed person.  Be loving and caring to those around you, listen.

4) Be kind: As I mentioned, ugliness can come from within.  Be just and fair with how you interact and treat those in your life.  

5) Be Genuine:  why fake your feelings or pretend to be someone you’re not when being yourself is so much more fun!

6) Build HEALTHY relationships: toxic people and relationships can drain you in so many ways.  You can’t be your best and glamorous self if someone is constantly pulling you down.

7) Speak up for yourself: don’t let others trample over you.  Your voice is just as important as anyone else’s.  Know what you want and let the world know.  You deserve to be happy.

8) Find Gratitude:  There’s  nothing worse than a party pooper, or someone always ruining the mood, pointing out everything negative.  Enjoy the simple things in life.  Appreciate your life and those in it.  Being negative all day is definitely not an attractive trait.

9) Independence: What is more attractive than an independent woman that can hold down her own? Get your coin, sis!

Moving onto the physical traits!

10) Take care of your teeth: your pearly whites is one of the first thing people notice about you.  Take care of them as if they were actual diamonds because they have the ability to shine like them.

11) Practice good hygiene: you can spray on as much perfume as you want but nothing covers up stank like good ol’ soap and water!

12) Don’t slouch: poke out that chest, suck in the tummy; it looks very elegant.

13) Don’t drag your feet:  its very sloppy and not to mention kind of annoying.

14) Drink a lot of water:  your skin will thank you for it!

15) Sleep early: you’ll be less cranky.

16) Meditate: still feeling unbalance, meditate, clear that beautiful head of yours.

17) Eat healthy: not only will your body thank you but you’ll have more energy than ever.  Eating junk food makes you feel sluggish.  We’re too pretty to feel sluggish.

18) Take care of your hair:  for a lot of us, hair is the frame of our face.  Take care of it, even if sometimes it can feel like a nuisance. 

19) Invest in quality clothing:  You don’t need to buy Gucci but what you wear is like making a statement.  If you take the time to groom yourself and your clothes, this shows that you really value yourself.

20) Hydrate your skin: eating healthy and drinking water will make this easier for you, but you still need to invest in good moisturizers.


I go by ClassyQueeny and I’m the voice behind  I encourage my readers to live their life practicing mindfulness, love, and peace.  When life gets chaotic and out of wack- just breathe, take your time to find your footing.  And when you’re ready, live the life you dream of, because nothing is out of your reach!


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