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I hope you all are staying safe, healthy, and sane during these times.  I know some people struggle more than others with the idea of being in the house until the unforeseeable future.  But, that’s why I made today’s post!

Today we will be discussing strategies for coping with stress during a pandemic.


Let’s do this.



Yes, please stay away from the news! Especially those of you that experience anxiety.  I know since we are in a state of emergency of course you still have to know what’s going on.  My advice is to skim through the news every day just for updates but only for a little bit.  I’m talking less than twenty minutes.  At this point, we all know what is happening, and right now staying healthy is the best thing we can do for ourselves and for others.  So, let’s do that.  Keep your sanity by not obsessing over news updates all day long.  It will get the best of you eventually.


When you wake up in the morning, think of today as another vacation, not a lockdown.  Think of this time as a reset button for you.  A moment in your life where you can truly work on yourself if that is what you desire.  Or, a moment in your life you can finally take the break of all the hustle and bustle of your daily career life.  Using this time to find ourselves, and build stronger relations with our family, can benefit us in the long run.


Don’t hold things in.  We can try our best to change our perspective and think positive, but let’s be honest.  There are times when we just might not be able to take our minds off of the fact we are living through an actual pandemic.  Like we’re Laura Ingalls from little house on the Prairie. By the way, if you never watched Little House, I strongly advise you to take the time to do just that. Lol! Anywho- finding a healthy outlet is pretty much essential during these times.  Outlets can look different for each of us. For some people, this means journaling, painting, or working out.  Find what works for you.


We may not be able to control what’s going on out there in the world but, we can control our schedule! Having a routine makes my life seem somewhat normal.  It doesn’t have to be that complex either.  I like to wake up at a certain time and work on some projects for the first five hours of the day.  After that, it’s pretty much free time for the rest of the day.  So even if you’re not going anywhere, take a shower and get dressed. It may sound silly but, it makes you feel way more productive and ready to take on any plans that you have made for yourself. Work out at a certain time, have lessons with your kids at a certain time, clean the house at a certain time.  I think you get the point. 🙂


You can take all of the above advice and you might feel great!  But, it’s okay if you wake up some days and just don’t.  There is absolutely no need to put pressure on yourself to do something great and meaningful today.  Be easy on yourself during these uncertain times.  So if you want to sleep until 1 pm or binge watch Netflix, you feel free to do just that!

This completes our list.  What did you think?  Can you see yourself making a schedule, painting, or turning off the news?  If you enjoyed today’s read make sure you subscribe, down below, to be notified of my weekly post.  Thank you for tuning in today.

As always: Stay you. Stay True. Stay Beautiful

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