Hello, I’m Classy Queeny and this is my website, welcome!  As a Self-Love Advocate, I enjoy giving and receiving genuine love from those around me.  I recognize that life is full of tests and bumpy roads.  But, I wish to walk the path of peace and mutual understanding through growth, awareness, patience, and most importantly love. 🙂  I  believe that the beauty in life is perception.  My hope is that we can seek life’s beauty together!

What will you find on this website?

At BreatheThenLive.com, we acknowledge, talk, and solve inner and social issues we may face in life.  We speak on accepting some situations as they are.  We also touch on how to let go of our past and plan for our future.  This can be done in a number of ways. Self-love, self-care, positive mindset, well-being, building stronger and healthier relationships, and so much more can be found here. This platform is only meant to inspire!

The mission of this website?

My hope, over time, is that you will feel more confident about yourself, your decisions, and your relationships.  I wish to rid you of all the toxic things that may bring you down.  I wish to spark a flame of motivation inside you that will allow you to chase your dreams in life.  I wish that you will love and value yourself. I also wish that you will love the way you wish to be loved!  This can be all be accomplished with mindfulness. This can take time to learn, depending on where we are on this journey.  but, it’s important to remember there is no race, just as long as we get there eventually 🙂

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More about the person behind the blog.

Ever since first grade, when I was told that I was too black and too gross to be touched by a classmate while playing tag, the way people think and communicate has fascinated me.

Don’t get me wrong, as a divorced, African-American, Muslim living in the USA, there has been plenty of, should I say, vivid incidents that have sparked this interest even further.

Through my hardest of times, do you know what I learned?  To let go of things I can’t  control and to take control of things I have power to. I discovered that I have more control than I had realized.  I have control in my relationships, my choices, my goals, and most importantly how much I choose to love myself and those around me. 

Happiness itself is a choice.  You can choose not to have that argument with your sibling, you choose to stay in your marriage every single day you wake up in the morning, you choose to remain at that job that you worked at for the past 10 years!  When my perception changed, so did my life!  When I choose to hear, see, and feel good, my relationships grew stronger and all the toxic people disappeared.  I mean vanished.  Not only this, but my connection with God also grew stronger.  And for this, I am forever grateful.

I do not claim to be “the know all be all” in relationships, self-growth, and goal setting.  Rather, I talk only about topics that I’ve lived through first hand or second.  With this knowledge, I give advice on matters I or others have found successful.

I say advice firstly because we live our own lives and have the right to decide what we wish to do with it. Secondly, I emphasize this because we may dig deep into subjects such as mental health and relationships but, I am not a licensed therapist.  What drives me to produce content each week is strictly passion and personal experiences! 🙂   

So! What do you think?  Do you see yourself being part of a supportive and uplifting community such as this??  If that answer is yes, quickly sign up to be apart of the family down below!  I create content every Monday.

As always: Stay True. Stay You. Stay Beautiful.

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  1. I dislike watermelon. *gasps*
  2. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 24!
  3. I was a sociology major in college.