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Hey you, I bet we have at least one thing in common during these crazy times- we’re both stuck at home.  Being home all day can look different for many families, especially families with kids!

I’m sure you don’t want your kids in front of the TV all day or listen to them complain about how bored they are all day.

That is why, in today’s post, I have compiled a list of 50+ indoor activities for your little one(s) to enjoy.  What’s great about this is, not only will the kids enjoy it, but so will the whole family!

  1. Card games
  2. Board games
  3. Scavenger hunt
  4. Hide n seek
  5. Simon says
  6. Bake a cake
  7. Learn a new recipe 
  8. Make jewelry
  9. Build with legos
  10. Finger painting 
  11. Make slime/ puddy
  12. Play dress up
  13. Put on a puppet show
  14. Read books
  15. Write a book
  16. Create a photo book
  17. Chores: on a timer! (make it fun)
  18. Watch a documentary 
  19. Indoor golf
  20. Indoor bowling
  21. Balloon tennis
  22. Balloon volleyball
  23. Indoor tape game
  24. DIY playdough 
  25. Garden
  26. Knit
  27. Sew (for older children)
  28. Make tie-dye shirts 
  29. Make jelly/jam 
  30. Teach your pet a new trick 
  31. Learn to juggle
  32. Make ice cream!
  33. Practice drumming 
  34. Make your own drums 
  35. Learn about the stars
  36. Play charades
  37. Have a home picnic (indoors or backyard!)
  38. Try yoga!
  39. Play the quite game
  40. Puzzles
  41. Coloring 
  42. Build a birdhouse 
  43. Hula hoop contest
  44. Jump rope contest
  45. Have a PJ party
  46. Freeze tag
  47. Red light, Greenlight 
  48. Learn chess
  49. Play hangman 
  50. Create a time capsule
  51. Learn to read a map
  52. Play 20 questions
  53. Play telephone
  54. Make your own movie 
  55. Learn sign language (asl)

Ta-da! That completes our list.  What do you think, see anything fun?  Be sure to let to leave a comment down below if you’d like to share:)  Also be sure to subscribe if you enjoyed, as I post new content every Monday!  

Until then: Stay you. Stay True. Stay Beautiful.

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