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So! You want to take a temporary break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, right?

I. Do. Not. Blame. You.  Girl, life can be hard, a blessing, but still hard.

It’s okay to admit that and it’s more than okay to take a time out when you need one.

Surprisingly enough, some of us may feel as though we don’t deserve one or forget that we need it.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a  parent, sole provider for your household, student; whoever you are in life, self-care is a necessity for your well-being.

Remember, you can never be the best version of yourself if you don’t take the time to replenish physically, emotionally, and mentally.

As someone who has experienced both physical and mental burnouts, I would like to share with you today not one, not two, but twenty-one ways for you to take a break right now! 

Update: This post was made before COVID-19.  With that being said, some activities may not be accessible for the time being.  But, don’t worry, there are plenty of activities on this post that can be done at home!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links, all things I believe you will truly enjoy

1. Take a bubble bath– this can be done at any time of the day but, it feels most best at night. With the perfect bathtub ingredients, you’ll be sleeping like a baby afterward.

2. Get a pedicure– who doesn’t like getting their nails done. I feel so spoiled sitting in that chair, letting someone take care of me. Not to mention, it’s super inexpensive!

3. Get a Massage– if you never had a massage before, I strongly advise you to try that out. After my first massage, I literally felt like I was floating. It’s the most relaxing thing ever.

4. Get a facial– another great one. Our faces collect so much dirt, you’d be amazed how fresh you feel after getting one.

5. Take a stroll with a pet or audiobook – the perfect way to tune everything and everyone out just when you need it. View the most popular audiobooks down below: 

6. Read a book under the covers– a good story really can take you out of your elements. Reading under the blankets just gives you that extra sense of comfort. 

7. Grab some popcorn and watch a movie– if you’re really feeling blue, a comedy will help lift your spirits.

8. Cook a new meal– this can surprisingly be fun. Especially the eating part! 😀 I made a post once on the best family meals, you can view that here.

9. Learn to knit– it’s a challenge as first. But, once you learn it, it can be super therapeutic.

10. Paint- another therapeutic activity. A lot of people are intimated by painting but it’s up to you to really enjoy it.

11. Find a quiet place to journal– having a journal is a great outlet, especially if you have no one to really open up to.

12. Sit in a cafe– order a cinnamon bun and drink a warm cup of your choice. Noting more soothing. 

13. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers– and every time you stare at it, you’ll feel a glimmer of happiness.

14. Garden- not only is it rewarding but it’s nice to look at, once everything blooms.

15. Reserve a night at a hotel– it may sound silly but think about it. Order room service, have some fun, and not even have to clean up after.

16. Enjoy a shopping spree- but don’t go bankrupt 😉

17. Sleep in or take a nap- even if it’s just 30 minutes, it can really add a boost to your day.

18. Discover hot spots in your home town – this can now be down easily via Google!

19. Take a tour at a Museum- definitely not for everyone unless you enjoy history.

20. Go to a zoo! – and bet a cute animal

21. Make a cake-  I mean…come. on. Who doesn’t like cake?🎂

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As always- Stay You. Stay True. Stay Beautiful. ♥

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