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We all heard of the saying – Money doesn’t buy happiness.

Well honey, it can sure take away the stress.

And making life less stressful is something no one will turn down. Without a doubt, a little stress in life will always be inevitable. So why not take away as much stress that we can control?

Surprisingly, saving money is not all that complicated. It’s most important to be mindful and practice certain habits that will prevent you from living check to check. This is what we’ll be discussing today.

For some reason, money is not talked about in school. Like most, managing money is something that I had to learn myself.

But the good news is I’ve learned extremely helpful habits over the years and I’m more than happy to share them today.

Creative Ways to Save Money

1) Meal prep

I don’t know about you, but I’m a lot less tempted to buy takeout if I have food ready and waiting for me right at home. If you allow it to be, food can be one of the largest expense that you have. You’d be amazed of how much you can save within a couple of weeks by just eating in instead of out. 

2) Invest in a coffee machine

I don’t drink coffee but most of America runs on it, am I right? Listen, you don’t need to stop by Dunkin Donuts or by Starbucks. It may seem like a small purchase but overtime it can add up.

3) Stay out of the mall

Where’s my microphone, because I can’t stress this enough. 🎤STAY OUT OF THE MALL🔊 Unless you have a lot of restraint, which is totally opposite of me, be my guest.  I can easily get distracted with all the bright, beautiful, store displays

4) Buy household staples in bulk

Bj’s, Costco’s, Walmart- these are some of the most popular stores you can buy in bulk. Be smart with your purchases though, and compare.  Bulk doesn’t always mean cheaper, but in a lot of cases it does.  Consider buying bulk for toiletry, juices, cleaners- all of your household must-haves. If you’re struggling to find good deals at these wholesale stores, consider buying in bulk at your local cheap grocery stores. We all have them.

5) Learn to do your own hair

This, like everything else on this list is a personal choice.  Learning certain skills can take you maybe a days or weeks, but the benefits will last you a lifetime.  Hair is big money.  Learning how to cut your own hair, or even having a loved one you trust do it for you can save you big on coins. 

6) Learn how to coupon

I’ve heard stories, I’m sure you have to, of people hardly paying with cash at checkout because they clip so many coupons. Consider learning how to coupon that good, there are a bunch of resources; YouTube is a great one.  

7) Get rid of cable

Come on, you don’t still have cable do you?  It’s 2020, we have sooo many affordable networks like Hulu and Netflix right at our fingertips.  Both of these plans are under $10 a month.  How much are you paying for cable now?  Something to consider.  But if you’re not sure if you want to take that step, they all have free-trials for you to test out beforehand. 

8) 30 day spending rule

This rule is fairly simple but does require some restraint.  if you see something you desire to buy, wait 30 days before buying it.  Put however much this item will cost into your savings for 30 days.  If you still want this item after 30 days, purchase it.  If not, keep the money in your savings. 

9) Don’t shop when hungry

I can admit, being so organized or rigid may seem a bit annoying but in the long run you’ll not only get used to it but thankful you decided take the step.  Yes, shopping when you’re hungry is dangerous.  You should shop for the week.  Make a list, follow your budget, and only get those items that are on your list. 

10) Invite friends in instead of going out

You don’t need to spend money to have a good time with loved ones.  Get creative with  activities you can do indoors.  Have a BBQ, movie night, spa day, put lock.  There is no reason to break the bank simply to have a good time. 

11) Cancel gym membership

We have YouTube and Instagram and access to trainers on the web everywhere, for free.  I understand their maybe some things like weights and treadmills that are only accessible to you at the gym.  However, if you are looking for ways to save consider alternatives.  Buy weights and lift at home.  Follow along with workout videos from the comfort of your own home, run – the options are endless.  

12) Take the Subway or Bus

This is particularly for the city folks, where subways and buses are most expressible.  If your destination is less than 20 minutes away, do yourself a favor and save on gas.  Incorporate this in  your weekly routine and you can find yourself saving big.

13) Don’t spend your check the day you’re paid

Similar concept of the thirty day rule- don’t spend just to spend.  Most of us are guilty of the I’ll get paid next week mentality, but it’s probably more healthier to just enjoy what you already have.  Stop thinking of more and begin saying to yourself enough.  I am contempt with what I have.  

14) When you need to shop, do so online

Something about visually seeing those list of items before you confirm your order at checkout, makes you think.  You don’t feel that same awkwardness you would feel at the checkout line in a store, when you tell the cashier to take a few items off, no.  You have as much time as you want to find the best deal, remove or add items that you want.

15) Withdraw cash

I did this before by mistake. I deposited cash and stored it and eventually forgot about it (only for a week though 😂) but when I did come to realize I had this stash, I decided to keep it. It paid off in the long run because eventually I ended up adding onto the stash and saved up big time.

There you have it, 15 frugal living tips. Do you see yourself implementing a few of these habits?  Do you think it will make a difference for you over time?  Feel free to comment down below, would love to hear from you.  If you enjoyed today’s article don’t forget to share this article and join our monthly newsletter down below so that you never miss out.

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