Hey, you! 

When is the last time you sat down to just breathe.  Have you ever silenced out the world around you, including your own thoughts, to refresh before you get back up to relive your life.  

When is the last time you weren’t on the go?

It’s important to check in with yourself to make sure your well-being and soul is being nourished.

Are you choosing the right friends, do you have healthy relationships.  

Are you at your job because it’s safe or it’s because its something you love?

Are you living paycheck to paycheck?

Do you love yourself?

Do you love your life? 

These are CRUCIAL topics to evaluate and on Breathe then Live, we take the time to not only discuss these topics, but we discuss and analyze solutions. 

It’s never too late to find real love.

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams, no matter how “unrealistic” it may seem.

It’s never too late to adapt self-care habits into your life. 

As a Self-Love Advocate I enjoy practicing mindfulness through a holistic lifestyle.  

Join me on this journey of well-being, self-love, healthy relationships, and financial freedom!  

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